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Velo X McLaren Love The Unexpected

It was quite challenging but very inspiring and warm experience to meet McLaren Formula 1 Team superfan Florian Weber, aka Paper Legend, and helped him to create a full-scale sculpture inspired by the McLaren Formula 1 Car... made entirely out of paper!

FSP production included studio rental, lights, grip and camera equipment, crew / sound, camera operator, focus puller / catering.

Fixer Service Prague helps to arrange anything involved in film production

in the Czech Republic

Started in the spring of 2005, we make sure that all required permits, casting and personnel, accommodation&transportation, location scouting, crew/gear sourcing and client services are customized to the specific needs of your project.

We are content friendly. We create, edit, and arrange text, video, audio, images, and other materials that may be included on your website. We also provide script and shooting schedule services.

We have successfuly managed productions from high to low budget and we find the perfect solution for your shooting plans in the Czech Republic providing credible services at all stages of production.

Check out the WORK site to get more information about our recent and past projects.


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